Are you Going Sober for Dry January?

Love it or loathe it, Dry January is here to stay. And let’s be honest, the thought of Going Sober for an entire month – after an entire month of excess in the alcohol department is pretty appealing … right?

But that doesn’t mean we need to stay indoors, drink water and tease ourselves with the remnants of the Christmas liqueurs left on the drinks trolley.

This is also the time of year when your local bars, restaurants and dining pubs need you the most. We all know that the licensed trade is tough, and the extra cash that our beloved independents make over the festive period can be easily wiped out with a slower-than-slow January.

So what’s the solution? Even if you are taking part in Dry January – it doesn’t mean that you need to sit at home detoxing and tidying up your desktop!

Our advice is to get out and about this January and continue to support your favourite venues in their darkest hour (month), and it turns out that they have some pretty delicious non boozy tonics to keep you feeling great and hangover free.


Two of our favourite bars are located on Watergate Street and right opposite each other. Liquor & Co and Craft & Company are much loved sisters and operated by the friendliest team – this January they have created some super-zingy Mocktails which promise to put a spring in your January step.


 ‘Sage & Sober’

15ml Guava syrup
15ml lime juice
50ml pineapple juice
2 thin slices of root ginger
5 leaves of sage
Ice cubes of frozen blood orange & guava juice
Sage and an umbrella to garnish
Shake & strain

Find out more about Liquor & Co here via WLGT


‘Honey, Lemon & plenty of Thyme’

10 mint leaves
15ml honey
Half an inch of fresh ginger
15ml lemon juice
25ml cloudy apple juice
Shake & strain over cubed ice and crushed ice crown
Top with ginger ale
Garnish with mint and thyme sprig, a slice of ginger and a flower

Find out more about Craft & Company here via WLGT


If you haven’t yet visited Wood Restaurant Chester, then don’t let a little matter like Dry January stop you, as the bar team have created a selection of great drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy this January.

Choose from Virgin Mojito, Pear & raspberry cooler, Lychee & rose high baller and Passion fruit & Thyme Collins – they all sound divine, but what do you expect from those fabulous Creators of Flavors at Wood Chester?

Find out more about Wood Chester here via WLGT


The Faulkner Chester team are always working on something new – whether its conjuring up fabulous new dishes   using the best local produce in the kitchen, or whipping up something cool, long and sexy behind the bar (!) – and this New Year is no exception. Darren and the team have embraced the Need to Detox totally with an amazing new Offer, perfectly accompanied by a range of Smoothies full of goodness. Here’s the Smoothie Selection;

Banana, mango, orange juice & soya yoghurt

Beat the Blueb’s
Kale, blueberries, beetroot & soya yoghurt

Mary Berry
Strawberries, raspberries & soya yoghurt

Clean Green Vegan Machine
Apple, kiwi, lime & water

Choose a Vegan or Vegetarian light bite plus a freshly made Smoothie for just £10.95 (available lunch times Monday to Friday).

Find out more about Faulkner Chester here via WLGT


The Chefs Table are always inventing – new dishes, new flavour combinations and delicious new drinks – and they always have a few home made cordials ready to serve to those who are detoxing, driving or simply just not in a boozy mood. The three choices this January are Raspberry, cranberry & lime / Quince & rosemary / Damson & black pepper.

Find out more about The Chef’s Table HERE via WLGT


You may not have heard of (brand new) Exotic Booze Club yet, but we promise you’ll be hearing a lot about it very soon, when this fabulous new addition to Chester Indoor Market joins the WLGT family (we cannot wait). This is a never-seen-before concept combining some pretty unique boozy experiences within a Panam style flight cabin environment, want to know more? Watch this space – and if you’re not boozing this month, we suggest you try their ‘no booze rum & coke’ – we did today and it was epic!

Coming soon …

So this is just a small selection of the huge lengths our independent venues go to, to ensure you can enjoy what they have to offer all year round, so let’s make sure we keep on visiting them and spending a few pounds to keep our local economy flowing right the way through the year.

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