Local Unsung Heroes – Butcher David Joinson


I wanted to celebrate some of our unsung heroes who are working so hard behind the scenes to keep our city going at this incredibly difficult time, so I was really pleased when butcher extraordinaire David Joinson agreed to my virtual interview, and here’s what he had to say … 

1: What do you feel are the good things that have come out of this crisis for your business?

The teamwork and bonding of my staff and how they have all stepped up to the next level. We have had to diversify the business into a home delivery service which has turned out to be a great success, and will remain part of the business structure going forward.

2: What do you feel are the negative things for your business?

Uncertainty of the future for a lot of the restaurants and pubs that I supply – and although the home delivery service has taken off and is doing well, we don’t know what percentage of customers will stay with us once shopping restrictions are lifted.

3: How have you been able to help feed the homeless through the crisis?

As you are aware I supply a lot of hotels and restaurants, many of the chefs I deal with were taking part in the Soul Kitchen Chester project to feed the homeless, so I decided to donate the meats.

4: What do you feel are the most important things that Chester can learn from this crisis?

How important community is and how – if we help and support each other – we can get through challenging times. I hope people will support each other more when we get through this crisis.

5: British Beef Week starts this week – what are your family favourite beef dishes ?

Mine personally is rib of beef but the ladies of the house are lovers of fillet.

6: To celebrate St Georges Day, what are your favourite Great British pub classics?

Steak & Ale Pie and of course the great British classic ‘Award Winning (David Joinson) Sausage & Mash’.


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