Take a tour of the Best British Gins at home with the experts from The Gin Journey

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited on a fabulous journey without leaving the city, enjoying an Epicurean Tour of some of Chester’s best bars with The Gin Journey.

The Gin Journey is like the best posh bar crawl you’ve ever been on, a gin masterclass, a distillery tour and a cocktail session all rolled into one. If you’re a gin lover or not – this is a great experience and we absolutely loved it. It happened on a Saturday afternoon and included some of our favourite bars including Lono Cove, Barlounge, Craft & Company, Cabinet Club and Kuckoo.

Find out more about The Gin Journey, and when they’ll be returning to Chester here

We’re pretty excited about the Gin Journey returning to Chester one day soon, and in the meantime here is a word from Leon and the team about their favourite Great British Gins which you should be trying while under lockdown.

The best British Gins according to the experts from The Gin Journey …

Call me old fashioned (or stir me one) but I love my classic British gins. Bare in mind Britain is where the classic gins we know and love today began, it was through the spice trade that distilleries could get their hands on fruits and spices such as lemons from the med, limes from South America, Nutmeg from the Caribbean and cinnamon and cassia from South Asia. These were the sorts of ingredients that gave classic gin it’s flavour profile, imagine tasting a spirit with all that going in it for the first time in the 1800s, your mind would be BLOWN.

Plymouth Dry Gin: The Blackfriars distillery is as iconic for the City of Plymouth as the bottle of Plymouth Gin is for the bartender. The distillery has stood in the old Blackfriars since 1793 and the stills remain firing in 2016. Plymouth Dry sings with juniper vigour and brings citrus and cardamom to the party. A Martini made with Plymouth gin is one of life’s true pleasures.

Sipsmith VJOP: This bottle is the pièce de résistance of master distiller Jared Brown’s career. Triple-macerated juniper and a navy strength ABV of 57% would have you thinking the V.J.O.P (which stands for ‘very junipery over proof’ and doff it’s cap at Brandy’s determination VSOP) will blow your head off, but the genius of it is that it tastes smooth and goes down oh-so easily.

East London Liquor Company Batch #2: East London Liquor Company fired up their stills in the summer of 2014, and they wasted no time in announcing themselves to the world with this belter of a gin. Lavender, sage, fennel and thyme all provide lovely herbal flavours, producing an English summer garden style of gin, perfect for sunny afternoons and balmy evenings. Plus, it packs a delightful punch at 47% ABV.

Silent Pool Gin: Made in the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills, this gin takes its name from the mystical pool that the distillery resides beside. The gin is a sublime distillation using two distinct styles of juniper, then lavender, orange, pear, camomile, elderflower, Essex-grown kaffir lime leaves, linden flowers and rose petals, among others, adding a touch of excitement. This is a new gin-making serious waves in the juniper world.

A final word from WLGT;

We couldn’t finish without recommending a local artisan distillery very close to our hearts here at We Love Good Times.

Three Wrens craft gins are produced just down the road in Tattenhall and this boutique operation is most definitely a family affair. Three Wrens is a Gold Medal award winner at the World Gin Awards and we are so proud to be supporting them on their very own gin journey.

Find out more here about their fabulous local product as well as their distillery tours and gin making experiences, which will be back up and running very soon.


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