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Can you afford to ignore the problem of mental health within your organisation?

The current cost of mental health problems in the workplace is around £70 billion per annum. Almost 91 million days a year are lost due to poor mental health.

Are you one of those organisations who struggle with staff absence, high turnover, reduced productivity and the difficulties of a stressed workforce?


The good news is that according to the World Health Organisation (2018) it is estimated that for every £1 invested into treatment and support of Mental Health Issues in the workplace sees a £4 return in terms of improved health and productivity. Another report goes further by estimating that in the UK, this £1 investment might equal a £10 return. Programmes that aim to improve the culture of mental health in the workplace pay dividends in terms of more efficient and supportive management, increased staff attendance and a reduction of work-based MH stigma.

Why are you at risk?

A recent report commissioned to look at the impact of poor mental health within the hospitality industry found that a massive 60% of respondents had experienced a mental health problem in the workplace which included workplace stress, anxiety and depression.

The top 3 causes of work-related stress and subsequent mental health problems included long and anti-social hours, poor work life balance and the demands of working in an extremely demanding, high pressure environment.

The recent high-profile death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain sadly highlighted the problems within the industry which people have been unwilling or unable to discuss…until now.

Thankfully, there is plenty you can do as a hospitality employer to change perceptions around mental health problems within the industry making for a healthier, happier workforce, and potentially saving your organisation thousands of pounds a year in terms of lost productivity and staff absence.

Who are Cestria Therapy and Corporate Mental Health?

We are an established firm of fully qualified mental health professionals and therapists experienced in the delivery of NICE approved, evidence-based treatment programmes both within NHS mental health services and in private practice.  All our team are experienced in the treatment of Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Health Anxiety and Complicated Grief.

Our managing director and lead therapist, Deborah Cross has over 15yrs experience in mental health working with a diverse range of groups including HM Armed Forces, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Long Term Physical Health patients as well as the wider population. Her commercial background in HR and occupational health within the Financial Services Industry enables her to look at corporate mental health both from the perspective of the employee and the employer. Deborah is also an experienced and engaging trainer who creates interactive training solutions using techniques which encourage learning by doing. Your staff will not only be better informed, they will also come away from our programmes knowing what to do and will be ready to implement what they have learned.

As well as bespoke training programmes, we also offer the following bolt on services which you can mix and match depending on your own individual needs

  1. Private psychological therapy for key employees.

Current NHS waiting times are up to 6 months in some parts of the UK. If your business cannot afford for your most important staff to be absent for this long, then we offer competitive packages of care which will support them and hopefully get them back to work within a time frame that is better for both parties. We can offer face to face or telephone sessions (Dependent on suitability and based on full assessment by one of our clinicians)

  1. Facilitated Staff Wellbeing Packages

Support your team by getting us to deliver once of our fun, interactive wellbeing days. We could offer MH drop in sessions, mindfulness workshops, yoga, arts, crafts and self-care events to name but a few.

  1. Occupational Health Services

If you have problems with understanding or managing absence our partners Freyja Medical would be delighted to assist you. Led by GP Dr James Dean, we can support you with fitness to work procedure, pre-employment checks and absence management to ensure that you follow your legal obligations and manage your staff within the law.

  1. Consultancy

Your business may be too small to require training, but you still might want to look at how you deal with mental health problems within your business. We offer ‘as and when’ consultancy services to help you with this. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we are sure we can offer a package to suit you.