Red Door (Liverpool)

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Red Door (Liverpool)

Red Door, Liverpool

Changing the works one drink at a time

We can’t do that without good tunes. Our music is inspired by the cities we live in. From those Long forgotten classics to wonderful curve balls. This is funk, this is disco, this is R&B and everything in between.

Let’s drink to the soundtracks of our lives.

We pride ourselves on the amount of knowledge the guys behind the bar have so if you have any questions or requests about cocktails, spirits etc feel free to ask. In other words if your favourite ain’t on our list it don’t mean you can’t have it!

Check out the selections of Rums, Tequilas and the “League of Extraordinary Products”, these represent some of the best products in the world. All tested vigorously by ourselves (of course) to ensure that you will get maximum enjoyment from them, so chill out and enjoy yourselves… we are here to serve.

Classic Masterclass

Learn from the best and master the art of our extraordinary cocktails

Gin Masterclass

Gin fans, get in line! With this masterclass, you’ll get the low-down on how to expertly create the perfect gin cocktail.